How to create a custom map key

The choropleth maps in Datawrapper provide an option to create a custom map legend, where you can define the range at which a certain color is used. Before we start: We know that this feature isn't the most user-friendly. We will make it more intuitive to use in the future. 

The feature is located in: Maps > Choropleth > Refine (see screenshot). Per default, Datawrapper will automatically create a map key. 

If you de-select the "Automatically generate legend" you will see the option to create your own. On the left are options to define a value and on the right, you can define the "Caption".

The custom legend is helpful if you want to set specific thresholds for the data to be displayed. 

For example, if your values range between 1.000 and 80.000, you can define whatever ranges you need with this custom legend - like in the example above. Note that Datawrapper won't display anything if you don't set a value. 

In the value box to the left, you can't enter ranges. You will need to choose the value that's in the middle of your range. For example, if you want to have a value for the range between 1.000 and 4.000, you want to type in "1500" in the value box.

Here is another example, with values ranging between 1 and 100: The same principle of choosing data ranges to display applies. Essentially, based on your given data range you can define where the legend of the map should use a different color. 

Value Caption (as an example)  
10 1-20 write any text here  
30 21-40 write any here  
50 41-60 write any text here  
70 61-80 write any text here  
90 81-100 write any text here

Summing up: The principle to create a custom legend is to choose certain ranges first, then use the middle value of the specific range as the "Value". You can freely choose what you will use as a caption.

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