How to download and visualize 

 Stock Data of a Company

Create line charts using historical stock prices 

What you learn


Where to look for historical stock data

Yahoo Finance is a good source, download is easy


Download data, import into Datawrapper

Use Excel or Google Sheets, then copy & paste


Annotating a stock chart of a company

Add information for clarity

Where to look for historical stock data

The stock market is built on data, the key question is: What is a good and fast workflow to find, download and visualize the stock performance of a given company or a group of companies for comparison. 

We suggest to use "Yahoo Finance" - the internet pioneer has always provided extensive information for thousands of companies and many US and international stock exchanges. 

Here is a step by step guide to get the data for a specific stock. We are looking at the performance of Volkswagen AG, the German car maker - specifically in the light of the recent/ongoing scandal regarding falsified diesel emissions.

Step 1: Yahoo Finance - search for stock symbol 

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