How to add links to a Datawrapper table

You can use HTML in your tables, to link out to articles, or more information. To do so, just write the following in your table cell:

<a href='url'>linktext</a>


<a href=''>Visit Datawrapper for more info</a>

Note: Out of technical reasons, please use single quotes ('), not the normal double quotes ("). 

Suggested Workflow

You can prepare your links in your spreadsheet before importing into Datawrapper. One workflow is to populate a column with the code from above and then copy/paste the specific URL.

Opening the link in a new tab

Per default, a link would open a page in the same window. This is better usable for the user, who can use the simple "back" option, which works both on the desktop and on mobile devices. 

<a href=''>Visit Datawrapper for more info</a>

You can, of course, use the syntax to open the link in a new table. But when there are many links in your table this would result in many windows open on the user's browser. 

The syntax would then look like this: 

<a href='' target="_blank">Visit Datawrapper</a>

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