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We get numerous requests for "specific" maps - of a region, a city, and so on. So far, we had no principle how to provide regional newsrooms or institutions with the maps they particularly need. But now there is a way: "Sponsor a map" is a path to get that map you need next week. Here is how... 

Maps are very popular in Datawrapper. The reason is simple: Once a shapefile is in place it is easy and productive to use it all a the time.  As a result though we get many requests for additional maps. 

Here are some very typical examples:

  • Can you build a map of Trentino as a region in Italy? 
  • When will you add a map of the Greater Manchester Area in the UK? 
  • Will there be an election map for country or region X?
  • We need a specific map for our city, region, country, ... 

Those maps of course create value, often specifically for one news organization that works on specific topics or for in a defined region. Of course we want to build those maps. But we are not getting to it, because of two big blockers: Time and pricing.

Two big blockers

Time. Per map our developers need half a day. If the map is a bit more complex it can take a full day - and of course the work then spans out over several days, clogging up the workflows for other features. The work itself is pretty straightforward: We need to find shapefiles, prepare those for inclusion in the tool and test the map. Sometimes there are disputed regions or the map shapes are too old, further adding to the complexity. In short: Satisfying demand quickly blocks a developer full time. 

Pricing: Understandably we can't do hundreds of maps for free, it would simply drain our resources. On the other hand exclusive maps and special arrangements per client would create multiple issues and blockers, too.  

This is why we are introducing a new concept to solve the matter, with benefits for the organization requesting a special map and everyone else as the same time: Sponsor a map.

How it works
"Sponsor a map" means that based on a small one time fee you get the map you need in seven days. Not in two months or next year. At the same time the total number of available maps in Datawrapper will quickly grow, for the benefit of everyone in the journalism community.  The "Sponsor a map" solves the problem of funding for us. 

A three step process: 

  • If your organization needs a specific map in Datawrapper we built it for a one time fee. 
  • One of our developers work on the map right away, usual delivery time will be less than a week
  • All sponsors are listed prominently as enablers of the specific map on our webpage

In other words: Get your map next week, for the price of 300 Euro and good karma at the same time. 

Please be in touch via support@datawrapper.de

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