Publish your chart

The option available to all users and plans is to publish your chart by embedding it in a website. This is open to all plans, including the Single 10K which is entirely free.

In detail, also found as an overview and a direct option to choose a service here:

Single 10K is free. You can publish as many charts as you want. Once the total chart views are exceeding 10.000 chart views, the application will block further publishing for the months. Whether your charts for the months then greatly exceed the limit does not matter - the next month you have 10k chart views again. 

If you are using Datawrapper professionally and publish to a page with a lot of traffic please consider the Single 100K or Single Unlimited plans, or - if you work in a newsroom - go for a Team account for unlimited users and unlimited chart views. 

Starting with the Single 100K plan there are additional publishing options such as:

  • Export your chart as PNG for use in presentations or as static image. For that purpose choose the right format (width and heigth) for optimal results.
  • Export your chart as a PDF. This is an option optimal for further enhancement of charts e.g. through Illustrator. We are currently developing more sophisticated workflows for web-to-print use cases. This is specifically interesting for newsrooms. If web-to-print is relevant to you please be in touch via

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