Changing your

bar chart appearance.

Learn how to customize your bar charts' colors, highlight specific rows and change other visual appearance.

The simple bar chart comes with a few options that allow customizing how the bars will look. In this post will go through them one by one.

Base color

base color is the color that all bars will be colored in, unless you define exceptions on a per-bar basis. Simply select a color from the color selector popup. 

If you click the customize colors button the settings will expand and show a list of all bar labels. This allows us to use a lighter, desaturated color as base color and a stronger, darker color to highlight a particular bar:

Separate rows with dotted line

Not much to say about this option. It will add a dotted gray line to separate the bars from one another. This can be useful when the bar labels are too large to fit in one line.

Show thicker bars

This option is addressing the same problem of dealing with labels that are too large to fit into a single line. Making the bars thicker visually reduces the white space between bars.

Color background

This option is useful if you want to visually compare the bar values to some other value, for instance an baseline such as 100%. Makes a lot of sense to toggle this on if you're using a custom range.

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