Create maps for the

British EU-referendum.

Learn how to quickly create and publish maps for the British EU-referendum with Datawrapper.

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British Unitary Districts

Learn how to create maps of the British Unitary Districts.


British Electoral Regions

Learn how to create maps of the Electoral Regions that will be used in the referendum.


Greater London Boroughs

Learn how to create maps for the different boroughs of London.

Creating Maps

To create a new Datawrapper click here. Select "Choropleth Map" as your map type. When selecting your basemap, a search for "United Kingdom" or "London" will bring up the three map types that are relevant for the referendum:

1. United Kingdom » Unitary Districts

2. United Kingdom » Electoral Regions

3. United Kingdom » Greater London

Click "Proceed" and you can start adding data to your map. For more information on how to create choropleth map, check out this short tutorial on Datawrapper Academy.

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