Tricks & Workarounds

For all steps of the workflow: Finding data, cleaning, visualizing, publishing. 

This section will collect little tricks to help you get the most out of Datawrapper. The "Tricks" section will cover all steps of the data visualization process - sources and finding data, preparing the data, finding the best visualization style. 

Quantity and quality

Good data visualization is a bit like taking photos : You can try to get a view from a bit away, move closer, etc. Even a professional photographer with many years of experience will end up with hundreds of pictures to get "the" picture that is capturing the moment, the situation, the person. The better the photographer the more very good pictures will be there to then filter down to the incredible, the surprising, the best. Keep that in mind when working with any data visualization tool or project. 

Simplifying the work

When working with Datawrapper some tricks can help you to find a specific angle, to add a little detail or focus on one aspect to make your charts, maps or tables outstanding. 

Tricks overview:

Computed columns: Do calculations in Datawrapper

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