Annotating a 

line chart in Datawrapper.

Learn how to improve your line charts by highlighting the most important parts of the curve.

Annotations to a chart help to point to a spike or sudden dip. With few words you can support the viewer to understand what might have been the reason for that change. This way your line chart provides more context.

Actually, how you describe and mark any chart is highly important in order to tell your story. Plus, if the data is moving from actually being counted to an estimate for future years, that should be shown clearly, too. So, annotation is about the plot points of a particular line chart.

Datawrapper provides an easy to use feature to annotate the x-axis. The option can be found in in “Refine”:

Here is how to do it:

- Add an annotation by writing (Date), (Date), Description
- In our example we wrote (2008,2010,Subprime crisis) which is then shown on the chart.

Is it possible to add two annotations in one Datawrapper chart?

Yes, simply add another line below the first:

Emphasizing a line

Sometimes, you want to highlight just one specific line in a chart. Take this chart for example:

This chart is clearly primarily about the iPhone-line. So let's make this one stand out it particular. To highlight it, select it in the Annotate tab of step 3 (Visualize).

This is the new chart:

Great Examples

There's been over 100,000 line charts created with Datawrapper. Here are some which stand out and give you ideas:

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