How to create a

Split Bar Chart. 

Show numbers side by side, in one chart.

Split Bars are a newly added chart type in Datawrapper. This type of chart is great when you have related numbers for a range of categories. You could do one chart per category, but that would make it just more difficult to compare.

The Data

Below is data where the "Split Bars" are great to use. The data shows usage of different social media websites by frequency. 

Social Network Sites Used by 2014 US High School Graduates, by Frequency

[["Usage","Facebook","Instagram","Twitter","Google+","Tumblr","Pinterest"],["A few times a day","47","43","28","16","11","10"],["Once a day","14","8","7","7","4","6"],["A few times a week","12","7","7","8","6","10"],["Occasionally","14","8","13","21","12","18"],["I don't use it","13","34","45","48","66","56"]]

Choose "Split Bars"

In the first step we copy the data from the spreadsheet (either Excel or Google Sheets or any other). Below you see that Datawrapper has ingested the data correctly.

So, we go to the next step, which is "Visualize".

Datawrapper might try to display the numbers in a line chart by default, which will look strange. 

Simply select the right chart type for this kind of data, which in this particular example is the "Split Bars".


We are just a few steps away from publishing. One little element we would like to get rid off are the decimals behind the numbers. If these are ".00" for all numbers, why show them at all?

In "Refine" > Labeling we can fine tune the visualization in several ways.

- As an option for a "clean chart" we could choose to "Hide the value labels", we would just show the bars. In this particular case though, we want to show the numbers.

- By setting "Number format" to "0" there will be no decimals. Number format let's you define how many decimals will be shown. 

- Label alignment let's you change the orientation of the descriptive labels. Below the labels - e.g. "a few times a day" - are aligned left. 

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