Say hello to our

all new bar charts.

Bar charts are our most popular chart type. We thought it's worth looking how we can improve them - and ended up creating a new set of bar charts from scratch.

Starting today, there's an all new set of bar charts available for all Datawrapper users. Here's a quick run-down of the most important improvements, designed to let you do more with your data and publish the findings in very few steps. 

Improved Labeling

The old bar chart had some trouble with long labels, especially when the charts were viewed on mobile devices. Labels now can easily break into multiple lines without overlapping:

Another space-efficient way to solve the problem is to use the space in the bars for the labels. Note how Datawrapper automatically detects the best place to put the labels and changes the text color automatically. 

Stacked Bar Charts!

This feature was painfully missing from Datawrapper but finally, the stacked bar charts are here. You can freely choose colors for the bars and optionally add a simple color key to the top of the chart.

Grouping bar charts by a values in a column

Another nice new feature is the grouping option. Simply add a second text column with group names to your dataset and select it as group axis in the bar chart settings to create polling charts like the one below:

Introducing new split bar charts

Sometimes, stacking the bars is not the best option and it makes more sense to show the numbers in two separate charts side-by-side. This is now possible using the split bar charts:

A variation of this chart mirrors the first chart so you can create these nice population pyramids:

The old modules will still be available for the future, but we strongly recommend checking out the new version!

To help you get used to the new bar charts we created a few tutorials that explain each of the new features in more detail.

Happy charting!

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