Welcome to the Datawrapper Academy!


Your first chart, what's Datawrapper & a tour through it.

10 articles

Bar charts

Bar charts, stacked, bullet, split & grouped bar charts.

13 articles

Column charts

Column charts, grouped & stacked column charts

11 articles

Line & Area charts

Line charts, area charts and slope charts

16 articles

Pie & Donut charts

Pie charts, donut charts, multiple pie charts & multiple donut charts

12 articles

Scatter plots

Create and customize scatterplots, set annotations & add custom lines

11 articles

Dot charts

Dot plots, range plots & arrow plots. (Not sure what they are? Find out here!)

7 articles


Create and customize tables and add bar charts, images & links to them

12 articles

Choropleth maps

How to use choropleth maps: pro tips, examples and how to's

20 articles

Symbol maps

How to use symbol maps: pro tips, examples and how to's

15 articles

Locator maps

Create and customize locator maps, import areas & create tooltips

25 articles

Example visualizations

Examples of Datawrapper line, area, pie charts, scatterplots & maps

12 articles

Teams & Folders

What are teams, how to create them & how to invite others to your team

14 articles

Custom & Enterprise features

Custom design themes, self-hosting, automatic image publishing, and more

9 articles

Exporting charts

How to embed charts in Medium or Wordpress and how to export them

11 articles


Something doesn't work? Look for the answers here.

24 articles

Live-updating visualizations

How to create charts and maps that automatically update live.

11 articles

Datawrapper Pro Tips

Organization, links, HTML, tooltips, images – get to the next level.

25 articles

Using data sources

How to use the River/Google Trends & how to extract data out of a PDF

4 articles

Uploading & changing data

Which kind of data Datawrapper accepts & how to change it

16 articles

Displaying data

How to change the way Datawrapper shows your dates and numbers

6 articles