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Learn how to create great-looking charts for the web with Datawrapper.

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How to create a Stacked Column Chart

Learn how to create a stacked column chart in minutes with Datawrapper.

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All-new line charts

Datawrapper has completely revamped line charts: More responsive, cleaner and with annotations.

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Datawrapper becomes mobile-first charting tool

Simple publishing for all screen sizes

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How to create a Grouped Bar Chart

Learn how to group your bar charts to combine several sections into one chart.

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How to create a Split Bar Chart

Show numbers side by side, in one chart.

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How to create a Stacked Bar Chart

A very useful chart type when you want to show results of a survey.

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Changing bar chart appearance

Learn how to customize your bar charts' colors and visual appearance.

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Customize your bar chart labeling

Learn how to customize the labeling of your bar charts to fit in survey responses, re-align labels or hide absolute values.

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How to create a Bar chart

Showing all the new features to refine the appearance of charts with long labels

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How to create Bullet Bars

Achieve quick comparison by overlaying two bars.

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