Welcome to the Datawrapper Academy!


Your first chart, what's Datawrapper & a tour through it.

11 articles

Bar charts

Bar charts, stacked, bullet, split & grouped bar charts.

15 articles

Column charts

Column charts, grouped & stacked column charts

12 articles

Line & Area charts

Line charts, area charts and slope charts

20 articles

Pie & Donut charts

Pie charts, donut charts, multiple pie charts & multiple donut charts

12 articles

Scatter plots

Create and customize scatterplots, set annotations & add custom lines

12 articles

Dot charts

Dot plots, range plots & arrow plots. (Not sure what they are? Find out here!)

8 articles


Create and customize tables and add bar charts, images & links to them

12 articles

Choropleth maps

How to use choropleth maps: pro tips, examples and how to's

21 articles

Symbol maps

How to use symbol maps: pro tips, examples and how to's

16 articles

Locator maps

Create and customize locator maps, import areas & create tooltips

25 articles

Example visualizations

Examples of Datawrapper line, area, pie charts, scatterplots & maps

12 articles

Teams & Folders

What are teams, how to create them & how to invite others to your team

19 articles

Custom & Enterprise features

Custom design themes, self-hosting, automatic image publishing, and more

12 articles

Exporting charts

How to embed charts in Medium or Wordpress and how to export them

11 articles


Something doesn't work? Look for the answers here.

26 articles

Live-updating visualizations

How to create charts and maps that automatically update live.

11 articles

Datawrapper Pro Tips

Organization, links, HTML, tooltips, images – get to the next level.

28 articles

Using data sources

How to use the River/Google Trends & how to extract data out of a PDF

4 articles

Uploading & changing data

Which kind of data Datawrapper accepts & how to change it

16 articles

Displaying data

How to change the way Datawrapper shows your dates and numbers

6 articles