How to style point markers

Once you've added a point marker to a locator map, you can style it. Here's how it works:


How to change the marker text

You can change the text that will appear next to the marker symbol on your map. To do so, click on a marker in the marker list and then edit the text in the appearing text field: 


How to change the design of the marker text 

You can edit the design of the text when you click on "more options." You can change the styling (bold/italic/underlined/spaced), text size, text color, and text outline color. You can also decide to place your text in a white box. 

Make text size smaller
Make text size bigger
Make text bold
Make text italic
Underline the text
You can choose
multiple formats:
Bold and spaced,
in this case

Change the text color
Change the
outline color of the text
Put the text in a white box

How to change the marker symbol

After changing the design of the marker text, it's time to take care of the marker symbol. You can change the icon, its size, and its color. You can also place a number or character in certain symbols.

To change the icon, click on the Symbol picker at the left. Click on the first, dotted-circle icon to remove a symbol altogether. The marker text will then center itself where the symbol was:

You can add a single character or number to your marker symbol if you chose one of these six icons:

To change the scale of the symbol, click on "more options" and then play around with the Scale bar at the bottom.


How to change the text position relative to the marker symbol

There are three ways to change where the marker text sits relative to the marker symbol. The easiest one is to change the alignment. To do so, click on the little paragraph icons around the circle in the "Alignment" option. The circle represents your marker symbol. Clicking on the different paragraph symbols sets the alignment of the text relative to the marker symbol:

You can also change the distance between text and marker. To do so, change the values on the right of the Alignment panel.

👉 You can change the distance between text and symbol directly in the map. Simply drag the marker text to your desired position:


How to add arrows between marker and marker text

To add an arrow or line between your marker symbol and marker text, select the option "Draw line between marker and marker text," like so:

Dragging the marker text around directly in the map is helpful for adding enough space between marker and marker text, as you can see in the GIF.

To make sure that the marker text doesn't get cut off from the map in the mobile version, keep the marker text further away from the border of the map than the marker.