How to embed charts in Wordpress

In this article, we'll discuss how to embed charts, maps & tables in and

Wordpress is the name for two services, and

  • is a free, open-source content management system (CMS) software that everyone can download & install to build their own blog or website. 
  • is a commercial platform that runs on a modified version of WordPress. hosts your blog or website, so you don't need to deal with installing it on a server yourself. 

Embedding charts on sites built with WordPress

If you or your organization self-host Wordpress, you'll be able to embed Datawrapper charts, maps & tables with the normal embed code. So if you see the option to add HTML code to your posts, simply copy & paste the "Responsive iFrame" embed code into your site's HTML. Then, the interactive Datawrapper chart will appear automatically. (You might need an additional plugin for handling embeds.)

Embedding charts on sites hosted on

If you host your blog or website on WordPress. com, it isn't possible to embed an interactive version of your chart, map or table. does not support the embedding of iframes. Fixing it is out of our hands, we're afraid.

Instead of embedding, here's what you can do:

  • If you're on the free plan, use PNG export of your final map, chart or table and upload it to To do this, go to step 4: ''Publish & Embed'' and click on "PNG". Options will appear that let you choose the size and border of you PNG. Click on "Download PNG", when you're happy with the final settings.  
  • If you're using custom or enterprise plan, you can use any of the PNG, PDF or SVG export. To do so, go to step 4: ''Publish & Embed'' and click on the desired option: "PNG, PDF, SVG". Options will appear that will let you choose the size and border of your visualization. Click on "Download PNG, PDF or SVG" once you're satisfied with the settings.
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