How to create a team

You can create a team to share your visualizations with others. Charts, maps, and tables that are in a shared team can be seen & edited by all members you add. That's great if you work together with others on visualizations, be it in a big corporation or on a small side project. 

If you create a team, you will automatically be the team owner – and every member of a team can use the features of the team owner's pricing plan. For example, if you bought a Custom plan with two custom design themes, and you create a team, everybody in your team will be able to create charts with these two themes, use the PDF export, and use all other Custom features.

To create a team, go to My teams settings:

Instead of clicking on the link above, you can also click on My teams in the navigation in the top right in your Datawrapper app:

On the My teams page, you'll see all teams you're currently in (if any):

To create a new team, scroll down until you see the button Create team:

Click the button. You'll be asked to give your team a name (which you can also change later):

You'll also get an auto-assigned team ID. For our team Newspaper ABC, this team ID is nGWrd1iN. That means I can access the team settings with, and I'll be able to see my team charts at

Once you've decided on your team name, click on Create team. You'll automatically get directed to your team settings, on which you can decide on default folders, themes, choose custom fields, delete the team or choose a default embed code:

To access your team visualizations, click on Archive on the top:

And that's it! 
You've successfully created a team. Learn more about how to work with teams here.