How to delete a team

Deleting teams has severe consequences.

  • If you delete a team, all team members – including you! – will lose their access to the team. 
  • All charts from the team archive will be placed in the individual archive of the person who originally created the chart. That means that you won't be able to access visualizations anymore that others have created in your team. 
  • It's not possible to undo any of this. 

To delete a team, you need to be the team owner. If you're only a team member or a team admin, you won't be able to delete the team.

1. Go to My teams ( – here you can also check your team role. If you're the team owner, you'll see the button Delete team. Click it.

2. Go to your settings (, then select the team you want to delete below Team Settings. On the page you land on, select Delete team.

In both cases, you will arrive on this page:

Click Yes, I want to delete my team irrevocably if you're 100% certain that you want to delete this team. 

And that's it! You successfully deleted your team.
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