How to invite others to a team

Inviting others to a team is a great idea. Only when you invite others to a freshly created team, it becomes useful. Please note that all members will have access to the shared chart archive, and are able to edit each other's charts. Only invite people you trust to your team.

To invite others to a team, you need to be a team owner or a team admin. If you can't find the settings shown in this guide, you're probably a team member. Ask your team owner (= the person who created the team in the first place) or a team admin to change your role to an admin.

How to invite others to a team

To invite others to a team, go to your settings (, then select the team you want to invite people to below Team Settings. On the page, you land on, select Members

Now, type in the email address of whoever you want to invite. You'll need to decide if you want to invite the person behind the email address as a team member or a team admin. 

Once you've invited someone, they will get an email. As soon as they click on the email and log in to Datawrapper, they will be part of your team. Instead of confirming that they want to join in the email, they can also click on Accept invitation in their settings in Datawrapper:

Team member or team admin?

You can invite new members as Team members or as Team admin. This overview helps you to make this decision: 

If you invite someone as a team member, they won't be able to change your team settings or to invite & remove others themselves. To allow someone to do that, you'll need to invite them as a team admin.  

But no matter if you invite someone as a team member or a team admin, they will be able to create, view and edit all your team charts, no matter when someone has created them. They will also be able to change your team folder structure, e.g. create new folders, rename old ones and move charts. 

How to remove others from a team

If you want to remove people from a team – e.g. because they left your organization –, simply click on Remove in the list of members on the Members page:

And that's it! You learned how to invite others to a team and how to remove them. Learn more about how to work with teams here.