How to become a team owner

There are three different permission levels in Datawrapper teams: Team owner, team admin and team member:

In every team, there is only one team owner. If you create a new team, you automatically become this team owner – which means that nobody else can be this team owner anymore. You can invite others to your team, but only as a team admin or team member.

Every member in a team can use the features of the team owner's pricing plan. For example, if you as the team owner bought a Custom plan with two custom design themes, everybody in your team will be able to create charts with these two themes, use the PDF export, and use all other Custom features.

But maybe you created a team in your organization, automatically became the team owner, but now want to leave that organization. You want to inherit the role of the team owner to someone else. 

There is no way to do that in team settings. If you want to change the role of the team owner, please get in touch with Simply state which team member/admin you want to give the role of the team owner, and we'll take care of it. 

Learn more about how to work with teams here.

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