How to select an active team (and what that means)

If you're working with multiple teams in Datawrapper, the concept of an active team can be important. The team that's currently active – the active team – is the team in which you create new visualizations when clicking on the Create new... button at the top:

If no team is currently active, you will create your new chart in your private folder, called My Charts:

What it means to create a chart in a team

Whatever team is active when you create/edit a chart will have consequences:

  • Where your newly created charts will land by default: The team members of your active team can immediately see the chart you're creating. (If you want to avoid that, select (no team) first and then drag your chart into a team on the Team Charts page once you're happy with it.)
  • Who else can acccess/edit this chart: The team members of your active team can access & edit this chart.
  • Which team settings apply when creating a chart: For example, if your team owner decided to disable pie charts in your team, you won't be able to create pie charts when that team is active. Another example: If your team owner enabled Slack notificiations every time a new chart is published, the notification will ony appear when you publish the chart while your team is active.

How to see which team is currently active

You can recognize the active team in multiple ways. First, you can see which team is active when clicking on "Create new..." (as seen on the image above). 

You can also click on the little menu in the top right. The team name that comes with a little checkmark next to it is currently active

If you're already in the process of designing a chart/map/table, you can see which team is currently active right above step 1:

There are two more places where you can check which team is currently active. For the first one, visit There, too, you will find a little checkmark:

For the second one, click on Team Charts in the top navigation bar. Your currently active team will be on top and will, again, come with a little checkmark: 

How to change the active team

The easiest way to change the active team is to click on the menu in the top right and then click on the team you'd like to activate:

You can also go to your Settings > My teams ( and select the active team there:

That's it! We hope that in this article, you've learned the importance of active teams, learned how to see which team is active, and also learned how to change the active team.