Datawrapper is down or unresponsive.

Sometimes, you might see an error page where you expected a chart editor.  That might be due to updates we push, or due to our servers on which we run Datawrapper. We are taking precaution by constantly working on the server set-up, backups and other resources. We do quality checks, monitor workload, and servers. On top of that, we have some redundant resources. But we can't promise 100% uptime. 

But even if the tool is down, your charts won't be. All charts are existing on two separate locations: The original chart or map is in the tool itself. Once you publish your chart, it is sent to a global CDN (Content Delivery Network).  This means that even when Datawrapper is down for whatever reason, the published charts will be shown. 

If we know what the problem is and when Datawrapper will be available online, we will let you know on our Twitter account @Datawrapper and on our Mastodon account