How to get a custom design theme for your visualizations


  • What does the custom design theme entail?
  • How do I get a custom design theme?
  • How long does the process take?

  • The charts, maps, and tables you create with Datawrapper can be fully customized to fit in with your organization’s design style guide. To do so, we will create a custom design theme for you that is selected by default every time you or your coworkers create a new visualization with Datawrapper.

    This custom design theme is included in both the Custom and Enterprise plan. If you need more than one plan, you can add as many as you want for an extra fee. Visit our Pricing page to learn more.

    What does the custom design theme entail?

    The custom design theme can mean a change in font family, size & color, in background color and the color palette of all visualizations, extra borders or padding or adding a logo. For example, The Times asked us to add a black line on the top of their charts, De Tijd wanted a logo, and both of them requested a change in background color and custom typefaces.

    Visualizations created with your custom design theme will look like they're internally produced by your graphics team. They won't even include a Datawrapper attribution.

    How do I get a custom design theme?

    To customize your charts,  please send us your style guide at We can work with all kinds of different formats, so just send us whatever you think gives the best indication of what you’re looking for. At the minimum, we recommend to include the following:

    • Font family, size and color for headline, description, chart and footer
    • Color palette (a primary color and list of colors that suit your branding)
    • Logo (if you’d like to include it in the chart)

    How long does the process take? 

    Once we’ve received your style guide, the first iteration of that design will be ready for you to review in about one week. After that, we’ll fine-tune the design together with you to make sure it fits in well. Once you're happy, your team members will be able to apply any of your styles to the graphic they're creating. You can always make changes to the design theme at any time by writing to us at