How to display both label and value on choropleth maps

You can select a region name (like the state name) to show up on your choropleth map as a map label – but how can you show both the region name and the underlying value as a map label? This article explains how. 


To show both region name and value on your map, you'll need to create a new column in your data set that combines the two. 

Here we use Google Sheets to create this new column and separate region name and value with the HTML line break <br>:

The Excel/Google Sheets formula to do so (and to add a %-sign at the end) is:


Don't forget to assign this formula to all cells below. In Google Sheets, you can double click on the little blue rectangle on the bottom right of the cell:


Now upload this new data to our choropleth maps...


...and select it from your Map label dropdown:


Don't forget to set the minimum zoom for labels to 1 and to prevent label overlapping. 


Now both your region name and value should be visible as a map label.