How to find geodata

There are a few occasions when using Datawrapper where you have the option to upload your own geodata. In choropleth & symbol maps, there is an option to upload your own custom map in GeoJSON or TopoJSON format. In locator maps, there is an option to upload your own GeoJSON to add areas and lines onto your map. 

But where can you find geodata? In this academy article, we've listed some useful sources from where you can easily download geodata. 

Part 1: Geodata for basemaps 

Governmental Websites

You can find data in the geoportal, statistical office or urban planning office of your country. Here are some examples: 

US US GIS map data portalUS Census
UK UK governmental geodata portal / UK office for National Statistics
Germany Bundesamt für Kartographie und Geodäsie: BKG
Switzerland Bundesamt für Statistik 
Canada Statistics Canada
Europe  Eurostat (NUTS)
Australia  Australian Bureau of statistics
Chile    IDE Chile
Columbia    Columbia GeoPortal
Iceland    LmiData
Mexico  National Electoral Institute (INE)
Netherlands  Imergis
Norway  Kartverket

 👉 Let us know at if you know other sources that we can add to the list! 

Open Data Portal

Germany Esri Deutschland Open Data Portal
European Data
Belgium STATBEL Open Data Portal

Open Street Map Data & more

Part 2: Geodata for areas & lines in locator maps 

If you're creating a locator map, you can upload your own custom areas and lines by importing a GeoJSON file. Here are some great places to find GeoJSON files for areas and lines to upload on locator map: 

Can't find geodata you're looking for? Ask our map experts! 

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