Map projections used in Datawrapper maps

Which map projections do Datawrapper maps use? 

With Datawrapper, you can create three types of different maps: Choropleth, symbol and locator maps

Below is a list of map types and their base map projections:

Map type Projection
Choropleth / Symbol maps 
Lambert azimuthal equal-area (except the world map that uses Natural Earth, and the map of USA that uses the Albers's conic equal-area projection) 
Locator maps Web Mercator EPSG:3857 (uses OpenStreetMap map tiles) 

Commonly asked questions about map projections in Datawrapper

Q. Can you customize the base map projections of a choropleth or symbol map? 
A. Projections of maps from our base map library cannot be customized, but if you upload your own custom map, you can choose from five different projections: Azimuthal Equal Area, Conic Equidistant, Conic Conformal, Albers (USA) 

Read this article to learn more about how to upload your own custom map. 

Q. Can you customize the base map projections of a locator map? 
A. Our locator maps are based on the OpenStreetMap map tiles which use the Web Mercator projection. Unfortunately, this isn’t customizable. 

If you have any questions on map projections, feel free to reach out to