How to customize image download file name

Note: This feature is only available to users on Custom or Enterprise plans. For details, see our pricing page

In Datawrapper, you can add image download options to the footer for your readers to download images of your visualizations. You might also be using the automatic image publishing feature to embed your visualizations as images. In this article, you'll learn how to configure a custom file name for the image downloads. 

Where to find the settings

Go into your team (e.g. Newsroom) then navigate to ① Team settings >  ② Download > ③ Custom image name

List of available placeholders

You can use placeholders to configure your own custom image name. You can also format the placeholders by clicking on the little white arrow inside the blue buttons.

① Title The title of the visualization (e.g. A title "Gender Pay Gap" will display as "gender-pay-gap" in the file name)
② Published At The published date of the visualization (e.g. "220203", "2022-02-03", etc.) Unpublished visualization will return an empty string. Find date formats you can display here
③ Public ID Chart ID, a unique five-character alphanumeric identifier for each visualization (e.g. "KzBo4")
④ Public Version Version number, i.e. the number of times the visualization has been published (e.g. A chart with the version number of _4 has been published 4 times.) 
⑤ Language Output locale of the visualization (e.g. "en-US", "de-DE") 
⑥ Intro Contents of the description (e.g. "Average-earnings-of-US-Americans-older-than-25-yea...") 
⑦ Byline Contents of the byline (e.g. "Aya_Tanikawa") 
⑧ (Custom) Contents of the custom field. You can add more information to your visualization by configuring custom fields that can also be used as part of the file name. (e.g. "FINANCE", "F22XBD9") 

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