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To track how often your visualizations are viewed, you can include a Google Analytics tracking script in your published visualizations. This is a free feature for every Datawrapper user.

This article explains how to enable our Google Analytics integration.

⚠️ As outlined in our embed privacy policy, by default, Datawrapper embeds do not set any cookies. Note that this does not apply when enabling Google Analytics in embeds. In that case you must make sure to comply with any relevant privacy laws. You can find more details on this here.

How to find your Google Analytics tracker

To activate this Datawrapper integration, you first need a Google Analytics account and the Measurement ID that comes with it. Here's how to find it: 


Visit In the bottom left corner, click on Admin:


If you don't already have an account, create one. Then go to Property, click on Data Streams and choose a platform and follow instructions to create a strea


In your Stream details, you'll find a Measurement ID. It will always start with "G-..."

Now that you got your Measurement ID set up, you can use it with Datwrapper visualizations. Here's how:

How to activate the Google Analytics integration in Datawrapper 


Go to your settings ( and then select the team you want to enable the integration for. In our case, that's Newsroom A:


This will bring you to the settings for the selected team. Here, select Integrations on the left:


And now scroll all the way down on the Integrations page, until you see the words Google Analytics.  Enable the integrations with a click on Enable Google Analytics integration, then add your Measurement ID:

If you entered a valid ID, Datawrapper will tell you that "✓ All visualizations published by your team will now include the tracking script." 

Where to find your chart views in Google Analytics

Once you've created a Measurement ID and set up the Google Analytics integration in Datawrapper, all visualizations that are published inside your team can now be tracked with Google Analytics. The tracking can be added to those that have been published or republished after enabling the GA integration so if you want to track old charts you've created in the past, you'll have to republish them again. 

To see how often your charts are viewed, click on  Reports snapshot or Real-time menu in the left panel: 

To learn more about reports, go to Google Analytics support page

If you have any problems setting up our Google Analytics integration, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at