How to change, correct & delete data in step 2

In step 2: Check & Describe, Datawrapper lets you correct your data: Simply click on the specific field.

1 Change data cells & headers

We recommend that you upload clean data ( find out here how your data should look like to work best in Datawrapper) so that you don't need to change your data completely once uploaded to Datawrapper. But once you see the chart in step 3, you might want to change the data slightly in step 2. Note that you can always go back and forth between the steps without losing anything. 

To change cells (including the column headers), simply double-click in a cell and start typing. Press Enter or click in another cell or outside the table to finish the edit. If your column header has very long words, think of ways to shorten them.

You can see that changes are indicated with a small orange triangle at the top left of the cell. You can revert all these changes by clicking "Revert changes" below the tables. Your table will then show the data you uploaded originally (and can also see in step 1).

2 Delete cells

You can delete data cells by pressing Backspace once you're in the edit mode in a cell. You can also delete multiple cells. Select the cells by dragging from one cell to others. If there is a mistake in the data, you can correct those without having to go back to spreadsheet software and upload the data again. 

3 Delete columns

If you don't want to see a certain column visualized in your chart, you can click on the table header and then select "Hide column from visualization". If you want to show this column again, you need to click again on the table header and deselect the checkbox.

4 Delete rows

You can also delete (and change) data in Step 1: Upload Data. You can not revert this – if you change your mind, you need to upload the data again. However, often that's the best option to delete (or add) data rows: