Upload data into Datawrapper

When you upload data into Datawrapper there are three options

  • Copy the data from the spreadsheet, then paste this into the tool 
  • Import your data from a .csv (comma separated values) - Tutorial.
  • Create a data source, then connect to Datawrapper for automatic updates (e.g. for an election). Tutorial.

Use "clean" data
Datawrapper needs "clean" data coming from your spreadsheet. In almost all cases where users contact support and report that their data was not uploaded as expected, the formatting of the data is the reason. 

We have a separate tutorial walking you through the steps to clean data properly

Copy & Paste
Simply copy data in the spreadsheet, then paste. Datawrapper has built-in magic to let it "guess" the proper formats and does some automatic cleaning itself, but only to an extend. If you want to ensure that Datawrapper (and any other visualization tool) understands what you want to show, it needs to be cleaned of empty cells, formatting (commas, thousand separators). The same is needed for connected cells, which are often used in data coming from statistical offices. 

Import .csv
Comma separated values are easier to digest for Datawrapper, so you can export an already prepared dataset from Excel or Google Sheets, then upload this file using the option in step 1. 

Link to datasource for automatic updating
When there is data which needs frequent and timely updating there is a feature to connect such data from a database, then simply changing this source will result in Datawrapper automatically updating the charts. This is a use case e.g. for elections where you might have multiple data visualizations, potentially on multiple sites. Using the standard process would mean that you have to change the data for all of these manually, then re-publishing. So, for cases where you want automatic updates this is the option to use. 

The option above is currently only available for Team clients. If you want to use this feature for a Team account, please be in touch with support@datawrapper.de and we activate this for you. 

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