How to embed visualizations in Medium articles

In this article, you'll learn how to embed interactive, responsive Datawrapper charts, maps, and tables into Medium articles

To do so, publish your final chart, map, or table in step 4: Publish & Embed. To publish, click the big blue button here that says "Publish chart". Once the graphic is published, you get some Share & Embed options. 

To embed a chart into our Medium article, we need the "Visualization only" URL to your visualization. Make sure that "Visualization only" is selected and click on the icon to copy the URL: 

Now, go to your Medium article. Every time you hit Enter in Medium, a little plus + sign appears to the left. Now that you see the plus sign, paste the link you just got from Datawrapper and hit enter, and voila: 

You got a chart in your Medium article!

If your chart, map, or table doesn't seem to be interactive yet, this is just because the article is still in edit mode. Get a Draft link from Medium (in the top right of the page) and open this in an incognito window, and you'll see what the article & the chart will look like in the final version.

Datawrapper charts are responsive: Try to resize your browser window, and you will see that the charts adapt to the new size and are still beautiful & readable.