How to leave a team

Team owners and team admins can remove other members from a team – but instead of getting removed, you can also decide to leave a team independently. Let's talk about the consequences first:

"What will happen to my charts when I leave a team?"

You will lose access to all team charts, including the ones you created. You will keep access to all charts in your private folder (My Charts). But your team charts will be assigned to the team owner. For example, if Anna Smith is the team owner, your charts will state that Anna Smith created them after you leave the team. 

"How can I get back onto the team?"

To become a member of a team again, you will need to get invited again by a team owner or team admin. That will give you access to all team charts again – also the ones you created before you left – but they will still be assigned to the team owner. 

"I'm the team owner. What happens when I leave?"

A team needs to have a team owner. If you want to leave a team, you'll need to assign another person as a team owner. There is no way to do that in team settings. Instead, please get in touch with Simply state which team member/admin you want to give the role of the team owner, and we'll take care of it. 

How to leave a team

To do so, go to your My team settings: 

You will see an overview of all the teams you belong to, and a "Leave team" button next to them:

Click it – and that's it! You successfully left a team. Learn more about how to work with teams here.