My choropleth map labels don't show up.

To create a map like the one below, you'll need to turn on map labels in step 3: Visualize when creating a choropleth map.

But you will find that the map labels don't show up before you either zoom in or set the minimimum zoom for labels to 1:

When readers first see your embedded map, it will always be on zoom level 1. If you make a map zoomable, they then have the option to increase the zoom level and have a detailed look at certain states or countries. 

Setting the minimum zoom for labels to 1 means that your labels will always be visible to readers, on any zoom level. Setting the minimum zoom higher means that your readers will first need to zoom in to be able to see them.

Try and play around with setting the minimum zoom and zooming into your map! 

(By the way: To display a label that includes a name and a value like in the map above, you can upload and then select an extra column that combines both, e.g. "Louisiana<br>5.2%".)