How to publish & unpublish your visualizations

This article explains how to publish and unpublish visualizations, and what happens when you do so.

How to publish a visualization

To share or embed a Datawrapper visualization in your own site, you need to publish it first. You can do in step 4: Publish & Embed of every Datawrapper table, chart, or map. Simply click on Publish now:After clicking on Publish now, Datawrapper will take a second or two to prepare your chart for publication. Then Datawrapper will tell you that you successfully published your visualization.

Before publishing, your visualization is completely private.
Only you and your team can see it.

Once published, you can 

  • share your visualization with a link like
  • embed your visualization in your own website or article with an embed code.

👉 To learn more about sharing and embedding visualizations, visit our article  How to embed visualizations.

👉 There is no need to publish a visualization to download it as a PNG, PDF, or SVG.

How to republish a visualization after making changes to your visualization

When you make changes to your chart in step 1, 2, or 3 of the Datawrapper visualization process, Datawrapper will notice and will tell you so in step 4: Publish & Embed:

Simply click on Republish so that the changes to your chart, map, or table become visible in your share links or embedded visualization. 

How to unpublish a visualization

Maybe you pushed the Publish button too soon and you want to make your visualization private again. To do so, click on the little unpublish link below the Republish button:

Datawrapper asks you to confirm that yes, you really want to unpublish your visualization. And that's it – your chart, map, or table is now private again:This happens when you unpublish a visualization:

How to make a visualization public again

To publish an unpublished visualization again, click on Publish now:

When you republish a visualization, the Datawrapper ID (e.g. KlN3C) won't change. That means:

⚠️ If you added your visualization to the River, then it won't appear automatically again. You'll need to add your visualization to the River again.