How to change your profile picture and name

This article explains where profile pictures and names show up, and how to change them.

Where your profile pictures and names will be visible

In Datawrapper, you can set a profile picture, a profile name, and a color that surrounds your profile picture. This is useful when working together with others. Others can see your profile picture, name, and color as little avatars whenever you're making edits in a visualization that they also have open at the same time. Avatars will show up next to the setting a person is currently editing. This way, everyone can immediately see what others are editing.

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Avatars also show up at the top of a visualization. If it's only you who's currently editing a chart, map, or table, you will know because only your avatar will be there:

Profile pictures and names don't show up in the visualizations you're publishing. If you don't fill out the information for the byline in step 3: Visualize Annotate, nobody will know who created the chart, map, or table you published – neither in an embed code, nor in a sharing link

How to change your profile information

You can change your profile picture, name, and color at You can also get there by hovering over your avatar on the top of your visualization and then clicking Edit your profile:

...or by going to the menu in the top right ☰, and then clicking on Settings.

You will see the following site:

To change your name, simply click in the text field and type your name.

How to upload a profile picture

To add a photo, click first on Edit, then Upload photo:

Now you can select a picture from your computer. (If you want to use a photo from the web, you'll need to download it to your computer first.) You will see the following pop-up after selecting a picture:

Here you can edit your photo. To zoom in and out your photo, scroll up and down while hovering over your photo. To move the photo within the visible circle, drag around the photo.

If you're not happy with the look of it, you can also choose to upload a new photo.  

Once you're done, click Save. Your avatar now shows your new profile picture. 

You can always go back to an avatar that shows your initials in a circle by clicking on that one below Select your avatar:

How to change the colors of your avatar

You can change the color of the border around your avatar and the intitials (if you prefer them) by clicking on your preferred color at the bottom of the Edit options: