How to collaborate with others on visualizations

With Datawrapper’s live collaboration, all your team members can access and edit charts, maps, and tables simultaneously. This works for all features: all edits will be synchronized and visible to all your team members in real time, be it uploading data for your charts, fine-tuning the display of your tables, adding markers to a locator map, or adding annotations to explain your visualization.

👉 To learn how to set up a team and invite team members, read our article What are teams?

How to see what your coworkers are changing

If a coworker edits a Datawrapper visualization you're also editing, you see their  avatar at the top. Hover over their avatar to see their names and to learn which step and tab they're currently in:

You will also see the avatar directly on the feature they're currently editing. This way, you're not getting in the way of your team member: 

Selected items in a list will be marked with a triangle in the avatar's color. In the example above, the person with the pink avatar selected the first item/line, "Price of StocksPounds per 3% consol bond," so you see a little pink triangle in the top left of that list item. 

You can always hover over an avatar to see their full name. Make sure you set a profile picture and name that others can use to easily identify you.

👉 To learn how to change your avatar, read our article How to change your profile picture and name.

There's no need to worry about changing the same setting at roughly the same time – Datawrapper automatically resolves that by checking the last edits, and makes them immediately visible to everyone who's working on the visualization. 

That's also true if you're making updates via the Datawrapper API: They will also become immediately visible in the editor. 

How to use live collaboration

Live collaboration is free to use. It's available for all Datawrapper teams and users, regardless of your chosen plan. To start using it, open a visualization stored in a shared folder and start editing it together with your coworkers. Creating teams and inviting colleagues is free