Customizing your grouped column chart

This guide will walk you through the steps necessary to a grouped column chart as seen below. We assume that you have already uploaded your dataset into Datawrapper. This chart type helps to display related data or groups of related data, for example the revenue vs. the profit. Ideally the the "grouped" display reveals a clear and easy to understand pattern for the user. 

After choosing  grouped column chart, you might want to work on its appearance. Let us show you how to make a beautiful chart in three simple steps.

After you've selected " Grouped Column Chart" and while you're still in the tab "Chart type", you might notice that the chart doesn't look anything like in the screenshot above. This happens if your dataset looks like the sample dataset we used in the first part of this tutorial "How to create a grouped column chart". 

Depending on how you stored the data in your spreadsheet, you might need to transpose the data in Datawrapper. Click " transpose the data" in the bottom left corner, right below the chart types. This GIF shows how it changes the chart.

Once your chart looks like this, go to the next tab.

1. Refine

In this case, we set the " Base color" to deafult and and didn't sort the bars or change their order. We chose "On hover" so that "Values labels" are only shown when the mouse cursor is moved over one of the columns to get some interactivity.

2. Annotate

In this tab you can edit the  titledescription (sub-title), and add notes. Make your data accessible and explorable by stating the source name and providing its URL. Optionally, you can highlight a certain element of your chart.

3. Design

In this last step you can select a preset layout and enable social sharing functions to spread your work. Click on " Publish"and you'll be directed to the "Publish & Embed" page.

The best way to use a Datawrapper chart is by embedding it directly in your website. To do that, click the big blue button that says " Embed chart on website". Then, copy & paste the embed code snippet into your website or CMS. You can also download your chart as a PNG or PDF by upgrading to a paid Single or Team account. Click here for more information on the different pricing plans of Datawrapper.

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