Customizing your scatter plot

This tutorial describes how to customize a  scatter plot in Datawrapper. We assume that you have already uploaded your dataset into Datawrapperand selected the scatter plot chart. Let us show you how to make a beautiful scatter plot visualization in three simple steps.

1. Refine

First of all, we want to rescale the chart. You have these options to resize the chart:

  • Click, hold, and drag the resize arrow in the bottom right corner of the chart or

  • specify the exact size of the chart by defining the resolution in pixels with the help of the boxes below the chart.

In the Refine tab, you should customize the scatterplot axes. Check if the right columns are selected for the horizontal x axis and the vertical y axis. You can further customize the axes by entering custom ranges, custom ticks, number formats, and the positioning of the axes. For the chart above, we do need to make any further changes.

In addition, you can customize symbols by changing their size, shape, and color.

To get a line that indicates the correlation of both categories, check " show trend line". You can even select the regression method to be used for the trend line. 

2. Annotate

In this tab you can edit the  titledescription (sub-title), and add notes. Make your data accessible and explorable by stating the source name and providing its URL.

As the data points are blank und unidentifiable, you want to open the " Labeling" menu and selelct a column of your dataset as "label column" (in this case: Country). 

  • Make sure that you also check "automatic labeling" to permanently show some label so the readers get an idea of what the data points represent at first sight.

Lastly, enable the option " show tooltips" under "Customize tooltip". A mouse over now shows the label of each data point adding to the interactivity of the chart.

The GIF below shows you steps one and two in action:

3. Design

In this last step you can select a preset layout and enable social sharing functions to spread your work. Click on " Publish"and you'll be directed to the "Publish Embed" page.

The best way to use a Datawrapper chart is by embedding it directly in your website. To do that, click the big blue button that says " Embed chart on website". Then, copy & paste the embed code snippet into your website or CMS. You can also download your chart as a PNG or PDF by upgrading to a paid Single or Team account. Click here for more information on the different pricing plans of Datawrapper.

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