Examples of Datawrapper scatter plots

Here we have curated some examples of scatter plots treated with Datawrapper, to show the possibilities that our chart editor offers. If you want to create a scatter plot, visit the article "How to create a scatter plot".

If you want to find out how a certain chart was created, hover over the chart and click on "Edit this chart" in the top right corner. This will create a copy of the chart and lead you right into the step 3: Visualize of the chart creation. There you can play around with the settings or go back to step 2: Check & Describe, to find out how the chart was created.  

(Please note that there are maps plots displaying a lot of data on this page, so it might take some time for them to load.)

To learn how to create this timeline using scatter plot, read our academy article " How to create a timeline using scatter plots"