How to disable certain visualization types for your team

If your organization has a strict data visualization style guide, you might want to disallow your team members to use certain visualization types (like pie charts). 

To restrict certain visualization types, you'll need an Enterprise account.
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You'll also need to be the team admin or team owner. 

How to find the "Restrictions" settings

To find the "Restrictions" setting, go to Settings > My Teams ( and then click on the name of your team. This will bring you to the team settings.

Now select "Restrictions" in the left menu.

At the top, you'll find the option to disable the standard Datawrapper themes. This is useful if you want to disable team members to select the Datawrapper standard theme with the Datawrapper fonts, margins, etc. Instead, only your custom design theme will show up. 

How to restrict certain visualization types

Below that, you can disable any of the Datawrapper visualizations – like choropleth maps, line charts, tables, even our archived chart types. Simply click on "Disable visualization types":

Once you've disabled some visualization types, they will not appear in the chart picker anymore. Here's how it looks like when 12 of the available 20 visualization types are disabled:

How to restrict visualization types for only some users

At the bottom of the "Restrictions" settings, you can choose to enable visualization types for team admins and owners, even if your team members won't be able to choose them: 

That's helpful if you want to give certain team members the choice of all visualization types while restricting them to e.g. data visualization beginners. 

Team admins won't be able to delete the team or to manage your subscription:

To make certain team members to team admins, click on "Members" in the team settings and then to "Edit" next to a team member's name.  

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have more questions about the capabilities of Datawrapper. We'd love to hear from you: