How to set the number locale

Number locales are specific settings for the 1000 separators and decimals. Some countries use 1.000,00. Others switch the dot and the comma for 1,000.00. Same goes for dates as there are different conventions on how to display the day, the month, the year. 

Datawrapper has a one click setting for number locales for multiple countries including US, Switzerland, Russia and others. The feature is located in step 2 "Check & Refine" on the left side at the bottom. There you can select the local format for your numbers with one click: 

After selecting the number locale you want, the change will be instant. Should you use Datawrapper in English and import data from an English version of Excel you might not need the feature as all settings are already localized correctly. 

You can set the output local for numbers in Datawrapper to any the following languages shown in the screenshot below: