How to find a certain visualization in your archive

You can search for specific visualizations in your Datawrapper Archive, across all folders and teams. 

To do so, go to your archive at and enter a word or phrase in the upper right search bar. Once entered, hit Enter.

Datawrapper will find all visualizations that contain your search term(s) in the visualization title, description, byline, notes, source name and URL, as well as in custom fields and the ARIA description. You can also search for specific visualization IDs. Datawrapper won't search through annotations, tooltips, and the underlying data of your visualizations.

Search operators

For a more precise search, Datawrapper lets you use search operators like -, "", |, or *. Here's how you can use them:

search terms
search results
US election
visualizations that contain both words "US" and "election" in any order
"US election" visualizations that contain the full phrase "US election" in that order
election -US visualizations with the word "election" but without the word "US"
US | election
visualizations that contain either the word "US" or the word "election"
visualizations that contain all words that start with "elect", like "election" and "elected"